Welcome to the official website of the Sacramento Syncopators youth music group – dedicated to spreading the culture, music, and love of ragtime!  We are based in Sacramento but would love to play in other venues if the opportunity occurs.  We do specialize in ragtime; however, we also have gobs of classical, jazz, and other music in our repertoire, and we’re open to playing whatever you like best.   Thank you so much for visiting the site!

Check out our website menu to schedule a concert, apply to join our group, or learn more about us and our recent or upcoming events and activities!

Interested in joining us?  Interested in booking a concert?  Want to know more about our members and what we do?  Just want to enjoy the music and the music community or hear about upcoming festivals and concerts?  It’s all here, all for you!  Enjoy your stay at the Sacramento Syncopators’ official website!


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