about us

how we started

The Sacramento Syncopators is a youth music group founded and managed by Alethea Sung-Miller.  At age eleven, she and her twin sister Athena began playing in the West Coast Ragtime Society’s annual Youth Competition, at the urging of their good friend Diego Bustamante – and soon both girls were enchanted by the jaunty tunes and dancing rhythms of ragtime.  In 2014, at the age of fifteen, Alethea organized the very first Syncopators concert, with her sister and her friends Diego, Entung “Enya” Kuo, Richard Augustus Eriksson (“Augie”), and Arthur Eriksson.  Since, the Syncopators have played several other concerts in the Sacramento area, and hope to expand with time.


who we are

Over time, the Syncopators have gained a number of very talented young performers, and we are eternally grateful for their support and participation.  We currently play primarily at retirement homes, but we would be happy to play at other venues as well.  We play for free – everything we do is for charity, as a service to the community.  We are open and accepting new members (see here to contact us and apply).  To book us for a concert, click here.


special thanks to…

A huge thank you to Chris Bradshaw, West Coast Ragtime Society coordinator, whose support has been simply invaluable; also to all other members of the Ragtime Society and everyone who has been in our audiences.  Thank you to the parents and families of the performers for being so supportive to all of our members and to our group as a whole, and to all of their teachers for helping us improve every year, month, week, and day.  Especial thanks to Dr. Robert Bowman, who has been an amazing teacher for so many of our members throughout the years.