other websites

Here’s some other websites you may find useful…

West Coast Ragtime Society

Home to the annual West Coast Ragtime Festival – the largest ragtime festival in the world! – and to the annual West Coast Ragtime Society Youth Competition, where the Syncopators first began.  This website also contains information concerning upcoming concerts by artists such as Mimi Blais, Richard Dowling, Frederick Hodges, and other great pianists and performers.

Sutter Creek Ragtime Society

Home to the annual Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival, the Sutter Creek Ragtime Society hosts a variety of ragtime events each year in its picturesque home of Sutter Creek, California.

Sacramento Music Festival

Home to the annual Sacramento Music Festival, where several of the Syncopators have performed over the years.  Within the music festival, the Sacramento Ragtime Society hosts the popular Ragtime Corner, and you’re sure to catch at least one of us hanging around during the Youth Concert.

Sacramento Ragtime Society

Home to the Sacramento Ragtime Society, which sponsors monthly ragtime sessions and the annual Ragtime Corner at each year’s Sacramento Music Festival.